Inspiring Thoughts Fr. John Maria Haw - A challenge for the new generation...
“Each day must bring me closer to God”.

“When God only carries out his plans with me, it is not important whether I am sick or healthy”.

“Happiness above all! Joy in God. Everything for the glory of God! If this is my motto, I am leading the most wonderful life in the world! Then I have inner peace, heaven already on earth”.

“Just like a child I leave everything to God’s providence, even thr small and smallest things. God guides me!”

“Never deny God anything!”

“To understand and love particularly the small sufferings of the day as the precious sign of his love! To say more often “Thanks be to God” for that! Only let God work at you!”

“I thank God a thousand times with all his creatures for the graces he has showered upon me so far. How good is God. These words I will often repeat”.

“The sublime and glorious aim. Holiness! Oneness with God! This is consequence, joy, peace, happiness, strength, ease, perseverance”.

“To always live in respect for the Holy Trinity who dwells within me”.

“To bear in mind that God’s eyes are resting on me, that the Holy Trinity deep inside my soul lovingly listens to me…”

“I seek to dwell in the presence of God and with God”.

“I must lead a new life, hidden with Jesus in God”.

“I am called to heroism in the service of God, that is to love God”.

“God tests us in his love. Thanks be to God!”

“Patience! Receive everyone with joy! That be my penitential practice… Not seeking extra hardships but rather fidelity in little things! Striving to do everything in the most perfect manner!”

“Talk about the neighbour with modesty, love and great respect! Possibly never talk ill of him! Nor about those who cannot stand me, who harm me or work against me!”

“Tender, devoted love of neighbour, mildness and kindness. With these I conquer hearts for Jesus. Seeing Jesus in the miserable, beggars, sinners, in his sufferings or his degradation!”

“I must be glad and jubilant when I am despised, humiliated and misappreciated. Then I am like Jesus! What am I and what is Jesus?”

“Christ must take shape in me. I must live in Christ and Christ  in me”.

“To do everything with Jesus…”

“I want to sacrifice myself with Jesus…”

“When does Christ the King call us? We are ready”.

“Fervent prayer must accompany all my actions!”

“I will not forget the good preparation for prayer”.

“May God grant … that I learn to pray!”

“My favourite place be in front of the tabernacle, as often and as long as possible”.

“Pray, pray, pray! Prayer shall become the breathing of my soul”.

“Pray steadily! Always in the presence of God with sighs and praise and in love!”

“I will respectfully adore God in my soul”.

“I must feel happy with Christ in the sacrament…”

“If I fervently pray for the St. John’s League and its members I can achieve everything!”

“Come, Lord Jesus, Come!”

“I will only save souls if I practice love”.

“If you were filled with the love of Jesus, how different would be your work!”

“Friendliness and goodness must be educational methods”.

“I must encourage cheerfulness in the house”. 

“I must make good use of each day in all earnestness”.

“Charity wins everything. You must put yourself more into the mind and heart of others”.

“Love, hearty, sympathetic love towards the neighbour”.

“My secret: goodness and humility! With these I win…”

“I must captivate and win all for God through kindness, hearty sharing and readiness to serve”.

“To be most useful to the greatest number possible of souls everyday”.

“To work out everything with her! To undertake everything with her blessing!”

“From her I am expecting everything. But above all, I wish to live entirely for Jesus through her!”

“Following the Saviour who bears the cross, I go with Mary to the alter”.

“To show the love of a mother to all”.

“I fully belong to her. I am the prisoner of her love”.

“Through Mary I succeed in my practice of the presence of God”.

“Mary, help me to live in Jesus and with Jesus and for Jesus!”

“Jesus, living in Mary, come and live in your servants”.

Join Us
Becoming a Sister of St. John the Baptist
Every life is a journey to God!
Yes, we are called to holiness. Surely, it has something to do with saying 'YES' to God, however small we may feel in the great scheme of things …saying 'YES' to God.
In the word of the martyred Archbishop Oscar Romero: “It is a beginning, a step along the way, an opportunity for God’s grace to enter and do the rest.”
Where are you now?
Where do you want to go?
What’s leading you?
Preparation for Membership
When a person expresses her desire to be a member of our community, she lives in close association in one of our communities and gets first hand experience of our life of prayer, community and ministry. (COME AND SEE).
It is a time of experience which permits the candidate to deepen her life of faith and to grow in freedom to answer the call of God with certain maturity, thus enabling the pre-novice and the congregation to come to know each other.
During this period the novice continues her integral formation, based on a very deep God experience. She makes sure of her call to follow Christ as a member of an international Congregation. She is initiated to live the charisma and mission of the Sisters of St. John the Baptist and Mary Queen. The first profession is at the end of the Noviciate.
She continues the personal spiritual experience begun in the novitiate and grows in the love of Christ and his people by a life of contemplation in action. She lives her mission in an apostolic community, learns to situate herself as a religious in the milieu where she lives and receives the confirmation of her call to be a Sister of St. John the Baptist and Mary Queen.
The duration is normally six years.
On-going formation at all levels
Answering the urgent need of the time, each member takes her on-going formation seriously. She works at her integral formation which contributes to the development of her capacities and strengthens her apostolic vigour. She constantly renews her encounter with the living Christ and gives priority to His preferences and choices in her daily life. A deep spirituality feeds the soul with the spirit that makes on going commitments possible.